Do you know a Mum that needs a night away?  A Mum, that needs some time to themselves, or a good nights sleep, or a little pampering?  Then this is the perfect gift for them!  This gift certificate entitles them to a night at the Mum Sanctuary.  Everything is included, all they have to do is bring themselves.  (They may even invite you along too!).  They may arrive anytime after 2:00pm and from then all they have to do is relax.  They can sit on the balcony, looking out over the amazing view as the sun goes down.  They are welcome to byo alcohol and snacks will be here for them.  They can fill the afternoon, chatting with their friend, or sipping tea with biscuits.  There are arts and crafts if they want to play.  For dinner, they may choose to go out, or if they prefer they can select a meal provided by a local business.  Then they can sleep without being disturbed, and wake to the sound of cows and birds, not kids!! They may take their time and cook themselves a leisurely breakfast with the supplies as they sip on their Nespresso Coffee or Twinings Teas.  Whilst it may only be one night, they will feel like they have had a mini holiday.  Give a Mum the best present ever, time!  Time to herself to rest and revive and remember who she is. 

To redeem voucher, please contact Sophie to book by phone or email or through the website.

Mini 1 Night Retreat Gift Voucher