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About The Mum Sanctuary

The Mum Sanctuary is a peaceful quiet place for Mums to retreat, relax, reset and revive.  It is both an online and in person community where Mums can focus on themselves, take some time out and remember who they are. 

After 19 years of focusing on her three children (some with additional needs), Sophie collapsed in a heap, exhausted.  The reality of never taking a break, always putting others first and continually caring had caught up.  Like most Mums, she had lost her passion, her goals, her dreams and her fun. Living in the stunning hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Sophie decided to set up a small home business to support Mums to look after themselves.  She created a stunning, affordable, private apartment where Mums can come and rest, be nurtured and rediscover who they are.  

The Mum Sanctuary will be working with other local Mums to provide mini day retreats, overnight retreats, creative workshops and community events.

If you are a Mum please join our community and find some time in your life that is just for you.

Sophie previously worked in disability and community services providing individualised planning, goal setting and mentoring for Mums.  Sophie will be offering these services at The Mum Sanctuary, so if you want a coffee, a chat and a plan on how to move forward in your life, please don't hesitate to contact us.  


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Overnight Retreats

Every Mum needs a night or two to herself.  Wake up to a stunning view and the sound of cows and birds - NOT KIDS! Pamper yourself with a package, be nurtured, everything is provided to make your precious time perfect. 


Beautiful products just for Mums will be coming soon, so stay posted.

Day Retreats

Can't get away for a night?  Design your own mini day retreat, bring a friend, or come alone.  Spend a day doing what you love, a massage, art, journaling, a workshop.  Whatever you like can be organised for you.


Workshops and courses will be coming soon, both online and in our beautiful space in the Sunshine Coast.  


Exhausted? Stressed? Life feels like ground hog day? Can't even organise a day out? Come for a coffee, a chat and create a new plan.  Leave motivated and energised with practical plan and support in place. For more information, please call.


The Mum Sanctuary will be creating an online community filled with support and motivation for Mums to look after themselves, take time out and remember who they are. 


Contact Me  |  Mob: 0419 481 260

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